Terms and Conditions

1.1 The following general terms of sale (also mentioned hereinafter as “Terms”) are applied to all interested subjects buying through the e-commerce platform WWW.B2BKIDSFASHION.COM (hereinafter “the Website), referred to also as “client/clients”. The website is property of TORINO MODA SRL (VAT N. 12025660015), registered office in | IL BariCentro Lotto 14 Modulo 23 | Casamassima BA (Italy) CAP. 70010.

1.2.TORINO MODA SRL is a company that operates distributing and marketing clothing, accessories and footwear for children aged 0-16 through the professional B2B Kids Fashion e-commerce platform. The purchase of products through e-commerce constitutes and will be considered to all intents and purposes a contract with TORINO MODA SRL which will manage the fiscal documentation relating to purchase orders, including delivery.

1.3 Italian consumer protection law (D.Lgs. n. 206, 2005 and subsequent ammendments or integrations) cannot be applied to the present contract, it being concluded between subjects who act as part of their business within a businessTObusiness (B2B) framework. The right of withdrawal for the Client is therefore not provided and no returns will be accepted on the basis of afterthoughts about the purchase.


2.1. Once the online order has been accepted by the e-commerce platform, the goods will be immediately reserved together with the receipt of the payment which can be made in the manner provided and indicated on our WEB page and as follows:

Credit card


Bank transfer

In the event that the customer chooses the bank transfer as a payment method, the goods will be reserved for a maximum of 72H after which, in the event of non-payment and / or sending of the receipt certifying the transaction, the order will be immediately deleted.

2.2. B2B Kids Fashion is exonerated from any responsibility for any stock errors for which some items may no longer be available for sale as well as for the termination, in part or in full, of the order received. In such a case,we will refund the amount of the unavailable items within 10 business days. Since our items are supplied by different suppliers, it may happen that some items of an order are not available because the supplier has not updated the inventory in time.Client acknowledges and agrees that B2B Kids Fashion will not accept requests for cancellation of the entire order due to partial depletion of products.

2.3 The order is prepared in logistics regularly within 24-72 working hours of receipt of payment and delivered according to the shipping standards of our carriers, depending on the delivery areas which can take from 2 days to 7 working days. Once the processing of the order in logistics has been confirmed, it will no longer be possible to make changes or cancel the order. For unforeseen causes not dependent on our will, the order may suffer further delays in the preparation process that the supplier will promptly notify the customer.

2.4 The order is shipped exclusively by accredited couriers and delivered according to the shipping standards taking into account the timing variations that can be consulted in the DELIVERY TIMING TABLE

a,In Italy

2-7 work days


5-15 work days


7-20 work days

2.5 B2B Kids Fashion with operational headquarters at “IL BariCentro Lotto 14 Modulo 23 | Casamassima BA (Italy)” has external warehouses located throughout Italy, therefore, if the goods are not immediately available in our main warehouses, the delivery times may vary.

2.6 That said, Torino Moda Srl, following the confirmation of the order, will not process requests for cancellation and / or refunds of the same. For specific needs and information regarding delivery times, we invite customers to contact the Customer Service in the manner described in POINT 3.1 (Communications and right of withdrawal).

2.7 Shipping costs are calculated automatically by the system and are always charged to the customer. However, they may undergo variations depending on the area or volumetric weight calculation that could result in requests for additional supplements for the acceptance of the order, under penalty of cancellation of the same. For shipments to countries outside the European Union, duties and customs duties may be applied by the competent Customs Authorities according to the regulations of the country of destination of the goods. The customer is invited to contact their local customs office for further information on this matter.

2.8 Torino Moda Srl will not be responsible for any customs duties and due chargesm, which are always borne by the buyer / customer (see pf 2.5) and will not accept requests for cancellation of orders and / or refunds of the aforementioned. Any refusal by the customer to pay the duties and customs charges provided for by the regulations of the country of destination of the goods, cannot be a valid reason for canceling the order and will also not generate any claim against Torino Moda Srl.

2.9 Torino Moda Srl may also request, at its sole discretion, reimbursement for any costs charged by the designated couriers following the customer's refusal to pay the duties and import taxes.


3.1 All communications between the Customer and the Supplier - including any returns, complaints, requests, cancellations, etc. following a purchase and / or delivery of the products that B2B Kids Fashion markets - must only be sent by e-mail to the address indicated on our Website and indicated below: support@b2bkidsfashion.com.

3.2 Any return requests must relate only and exclusively to defective products, non-compliant for retail sale or not corresponding to the goods ordered and must in any case be authorized by Torino Moda Srl. The following shall not be considered as faults or defects: small imperfections due to the article reproduction, creasing, small defects due to the wear and tear of time, misaligned stitching threads, fit deemed inappropriate.

3.3. Products considered non-compliant or defective can only be replaced following an examination by the Supplier. B2B KIDS FASHION reserves the right not to reimburse the Customer in the following cases:

product that is not intact or whose original packaging (shoe box, dust bag, bag with logo) is missing or damaged;

returns that have not been authorized in writing or that are received after the established deadline;

in the case of products that are faulty, non-compliant or do not correspond to the ordered goods, it is necessary to make the return request no later than 10 days from receipt of the order indicated on the tracking; you will be asked to describe the damage in detail and attach photos demonstrating its extent, by sending all the details via the My Returns page, by contacting customer service via WhatsApp at (+ 39 334 880 6999) or by e-mail address aforementioned. If the photographs are not sufficient, the disputed products must be returned to the Supplier at the expense of the Customer, at the warehouse indicated by the Supplier.

After purchasing the Dropshipping or Afiliate marketing services, the platform B2B KIDS FASHION and Soguada do not accept any amount or form of refund request.

Any returns will be reimbursed through vouchers or money refunds with the same payment method used by the customer during the purchase phase.


4.1 The price of the product indicated on the Website is always VAT free and does not include additional and / or related costs such as shipping costs, customs duties and / or other charges or costs always borne by the final buyer.

4.2 The summary including all costs is generated and can be viewed in the cart when the customer submits the order. The prices indicated therein include standard packaging costs, shipping costs, VAT (if applicable) and any indirect taxes (if applicable), as well as commissions paid by the customer to the seller in addition to the price indicated on the website. The customer must pay the seller the full amount as indicated in the order and in the order confirmation sent by the seller to the customer.

4.3 Unauthorized discounts or roundings are not accepted; any rounding or discount not authorized by Torino Moda Srl may result in the cancellation of the order and / or temporary blocking until the sum indicated as per order confirmation is paid.


National VAT taxation (22%): total order subject to national VAT taxation for national customers and customers of the European community who are unable to provide a valid VAT number on the VIES register;

NON-TAXABLE VAT taxation art 8 / c habitual exporters: total order exempt from VAT for customers who invoice under a non-taxable regime, admitted to purchase goods and services without having to pay the tax;

Intra EEC VAT exempt taxation (European Economic Community): total VAT exempt order only if provided with an intra-community VAT number present on the VIES register (http://ec.europa.eu/taxation_customs/vies/?locale=) - as governed by art. 41 intra cee;

Extra EEC VAT exempt taxation (outside the European Economic Community): total order exempt from VAT although all local duties and taxes will be paid by the recipient at the respective customs - as regulated by art. 8 / a extra eec.

4.4 Following the Legislative Decree no. 83/2021 including the provisions contained in the EU Directives no. 2017/2455 and no. 2019/1995 relating to the provision of services and distance sales of goods carried out within the EU, starting from 1.7.2021, with reference to distance sales, the new rules provide for the application of the state of departure’s VAT only for “within threshold” sales (€ 10,000). For "over-the-threshold" sales, the transaction is subject to VAT in the country of destination of the goods, or consumption of the same (SEAC Disclosure 21.6.2021, no. 187).

4.5 Torino Moda Srl, enforcing Legislative Decree no. 83/2021, will be able to use, by identifying the VAT rate applicable to the sales made in the EU country of consumption, the new special regime OSS (One Stop Shop).

4.6 The new rules affect the following operations carried out from 1.7.2021:

intra-EU distance sales of goods;

distance sales of goods imported from non-EU countries;

"domestic" sales of goods by subjects not established in the EU to non-taxable subjects (private consumers), facilitated through the use of electronic interfaces (so-called marketplace);

services provided by entities not established in the EU / established in the EU but not in the EU country of consumption to non-taxable subjects (final consumers).

Following is the table of VAT rates of the EU states in force on 1.1.2021:

Austria AT 20%
Belgium BE 21%
Bulgaria BG 20%
Cyprus CY 19%
Czech Republic CZ 21%
Germany DE 19%
Denmark DK 25%
Estonia EE 20%
Greece EL 24%
Spain ES 21%
Finland FI 24%
France FR 20%
Croatia HR 25%
Hungary HU 27%
Ireland IE 23%
Italy IT 22%
Lithuania LT 21%
Luxembourg LU 17%
Latvia LV 21%
Malta MT 18%
Netherlands NL 21%
Poland PL 23%
Romania RO 19%
Sweden SE 25%
Slovenia SI 22%
Slovakia SK 20%


5.1.At any time B2BKIDS FASHION reserves the right to modify the price offer of "Products and Services" through online promotions and offers.

5.2. At any time B2BKIDS FASHION reserves the right to unilaterally modify these Conditions of Sale by giving notice on this page available online.

5.3 These Conditions of Sale are also applied to the DROPSHIPPING SERVICE.

5.4 All brands, descriptions, images, photographs or graphics used and present on the B2B Kids Fashion platform are the exclusive property of TORINO MODA SRL and its assignees. Customers do not have any of the above rights when accessing this website and / or purchasing products.

5.5 The contents of this website cannot be reproduced or modified electronically in any way, for any purpose, without the prior written consent of TORINO MODA SRL.

5.6 Although the Website takes measures to protect personal information from any tampering, manipulation or misuse by third parties, due to the characteristics and technical limitations of the Internet / protection of electronic communications, even after the customer has provided authentication (login), Torino Moda Srl does not guarantee that the information or data displayed by the customer on the website are not accessible or viewed by unauthorized third parties.

5.7 As regards payments by credit card, the seller uses the Axerve - Sella Group services with advanced technological systems to guarantee the highest level of reliability, security, protection and confidentiality during the transmission of informations on the network.


We reserve the right to change the privacy policy and general conditions of sale at any time to provide new products or services or to comply with laws and / or regulations. If any provision of these conditions is deemed invalid, null or for any reason unenforceable, this condition will in any case not affect the validity and effectiveness of the other provisions.



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